A.I. Robots Will Run The Planet

Ordinary humans will not be needed by the billionaires
who programme the A.I. robots.

As A.I. is artificial intelligence,
all they need is to be switched on.

In the meantime, we have become robots
relying on and addicted to programming.
Does your watch talk about you to your I-Phone yet?!

This is perfect eugenics
by those who think ordinary humans are inferior and unnecessary
unless they become part of the machine.

It can only end in more suffering,
even for the billionaires
who will live in huge underground cities,
paid for by inferior human beings.

Do you have the feeling you are being used?
It’s a world for billionaires to play in, not you.

Be aware – of what is happening, and don’t be captured.
The joke is believing all this will make the world happier.

The signs of the times: human microchip implants:





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  1. crestedduck says:

    I’m glad I will not be alive to be forced to further suffer as part of that live horror movie !

    • tony says:

      Ah! You may find yourself back again 😀 😀 😀

      • crestedduck says:

        My intention is to return to Source if possible I plan on letting everything experienced in the Bardo know that I see and acknowledge it but on a mission to return to Source…
        Hopefully that cosmic Karma scale is pretty much balanced out when this body dies.
        I believe was born at a pretty interesting time in history and have been blessed whole life and had opportunities to do mostly whatever I wanted and could go anywhere anytime !

        • tony says:

          Morning Rob,
          As you say our intention is extremely important. And, having time and space in this life to be, and to choose, is a very fortunate life. It reveals a degree of good karma.

          What is called bad karma is merely a product from our past, that is revealed in our behaviour. If we can stop just reacting,
          re-acting, then that karmic pattern stops, or is reduced.

          So karma is our teacher!

          We now recognise our pattern of behaviour and control it, before it controls us. With a good will we will find our hearts desire.

          On our journey we must recognise distraction and not be distracted. all appearance are but an illusion within purity.

          Be well,

  2. crestedduck says:

    Watching Theosophical Society Lecture ~”Glenn Mullin – Death, Bardo & Enlightenment: Considerations from the Tibetan Book of the Dead” it lit up some sleeping synapses around 23:15-28:30 and@57:00 He mentioned “dream Yoga” I look at that as my just normal every night going through my routine of prayers and thanks then it’s vibrations/waves/and then I’m gone…out of body every night when I return to Source for healing,protection,and unconditional love . ~: } I never thought nothing of it as a child, thought everyone did it too….LOL….

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