Meditating Properly, And Why We Meditate

Meditation is not about holding a posture physically or mentally.
Meditation is not about trying to be mindful and ‘self’ aware.
Meditation is not about creating better ideas to promote ourself.

Meditation ‘is’ awareness of consciousness itself.
That is precisely what we are:
pure awareness/pure consciousness is the clarity of emptiness.

Then the mind is right, the body is right,
the subtle body is right, and speech is right.

We do not have to ‘do’ anything but rest in awareness,
eyes open – all the senses open –
resting in pure perception
without the interference of comment.


When we realise the essence of mind is clear, relaxed and carefree, it notices the conventional mind’s little expectations, fears, pride, jealousies, and limiting protectionisms. These are our obstacles, our fixations, the cause of our little (and large) sufferings. When, through meditation, we observe these negativities and admit them honestly to ourselves, we transcend these limitations and become happier.

We will also realise that, in fact, we have always been happy, because being happy is natural to all creatures but, over generations, we have been manipulated by civilisation to look elsewhere for happiness. We have become bound by a collective that is ignorant of its true nature. Meditation releases us from this chaos, although the chaos is still out there!

Through meditation, that which is unnecessary drops away, and that which is enlightening increases.

And all we have to do is relax, be undistracted and never return to our dream world.

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