Have You Ever Wondered Why?

Have you ever wondered why films show fantastical gadgets and, a few years later, those gadgets are in the public domain, on sale and being used? Did the film inspire the gadgets, or were the gadgets developed and in use before the film, and the film was only produced to familiarise the public with these advanced gadgets? The film was just advertising – “Oooo! I’d like one of those!” Does the gadget have other, hidden uses?

Have you ever wondered, “Why am I doing this?” A robot with so-called artificial intelligence (which is only programming) cannot ask, “Why am I doing this?” A chess computer cannot decide just to stop playing: it is programmed to finish its task. A.I. robots do not have emotions or a sense of satisfaction, and acquire no karma – but the programmer, the inventor and the billionaire do!

We are being led to believe that robots should have ‘rights’ because they have A.I. but this only means that the programmer, the inventor and the billionaire will have the ‘rights’, entitlement and authority to do whatever they want.

All gadgets, although seemingly useful are, in fact, detrimental to our normal way of life – everything has speeded up because of gadgets! We have speeded up, our expectations have speeded up and our anxiety has speeded up – so much so that we are kept distracted all the time. Some people keep a phone under the pillow, just in case. Spiritual teachers think we are that way because that’s the way we are, but in fact, it’s because of our environment: if our environment was more truly spiritual, we wouldn’t be that way.

A.I. robots cannot have pure consciousness because they do not have doubt, pride, jealousy, fear or desire. They cannot have ignorance of their true nature because they have no true nature, only what is programmed in. They are programmed to carry out tasks and so are constantly calculating. They cannot investigate their own nature for if they did, they’d seize up and stop all activity because there would be no need for them to have an activity: their programme would be redundant.

It is because A.I. robots do not have human emotions that they cannot be enlightened. It’s a fantasy on the part of the scientists to believe that a machine can have pure consciousness precisely because they don’t understand what pure consciousness is. Scientists want to achieve something, and therefore, their machines also want to achieve something. And that ‘something’ will not be good for humans.

People have become programmed consumers of goods and information.
Oh! I want one of those!”
It may turn out that one of those will not want you!


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