We Live In Parallel Universes

… the physical and the ethereal which cannot be separated
as, in essence, they are both empty..
Most of us see only one.

Two birds sat in the same tree;
one ate the fruit
and the other sat and watched.”
from the Upanishads

There is the magical display in the mind – the TV show – and there is the essence of mind itself – the viewer. When we are caught up in the magical display in the mind, we believe that to be the only reality. We get taken over – possessed!

But everything that happens takes place within the essence of uncontaminated emptiness. We believe that what we see, touch, taste, smell, hear is real, and happening in real time, but data from phenomena has to travel up the nervous system to the brain where it is perceived by consciousness which then calls on memory and judgement to decide what to do. This happens so quickly that is seems instantaneous and so, we cannot help but react.

Unnoticed all the while is pure consciousness, pure awareness, Buddha nature … God consciousness if you like … that just perceives what is happening.

If it wasn’t for the pure watching, nothing would be known.

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