Mental Over-Stimulation

We are over-stimulated by thoughts and emotions: we are overloaded digitally, spiritually and even Dharmically! Fat brains, thin on genuine compassion. Everything is super-sized. Wherever we go, there is exaggeration, and we lose the point of how and we are here: examples of this in daily life could include shops and restaurants pumping out music, and children’s pushchairs facing outwards, visually over-stimulating the toddler rather than them interacting with their adult.

Spiritual splendour can actually have the opposite effect from that intended. It both attracts and distracts, creating awe and pushing the essence of understanding further away. We are the creators – we love creating and we love our creations, but all we ever create is puffed up ego, because we have missed the whole point of life itself. We are deceived by our creations, as they subtly deflect awareness from itself.

If we think, “My mind is beautiful because it can invent things”, then we have been misled. Our minds are beautiful precisely because they are uncontaminated emptiness – pure consciousness, which sees all!

Although the phrase, “the magical display of mind,” means being delightful or beautiful in a way that seems removed from everyday life, it also reveals deceptive magic, and here is the real beauty – the magical display can turn suffering and confusion into wisdom!

A belief that everything our mind sees has a solid reality is defective: it’s a magical illusion of our mind. We are reifying* emptiness, and missing the purity of emptiness. All magical illusions are intrinsically empty, like a magician’s trick. Once we know how the trick works, we are free from the delusion of believing it to be real. Realising that truth is freedom, because we are no longer caught and held.

The real magic is that, in the recognition of this illusion, lies healing for our mental torment. Once we know our true nature – our essential nature – which is totally open awareness, free of constructs – then anything that appears to that awareness is an illusion, because nothing has any inherent reality. This recognition instantly reminds us of our own true nature. It’s like looking into a reflection: we are the source!

* making concrete and real

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