Dzogchen And The Great Mud

The word ‘Dzogchen’ sounds pretty exotic, doesn’t it? I thought so when I first heard it … “Dzogchen!” If we look it up, we enter the world of the Tibetan Nyingma tradition.

However, all words are bombastic, inflated rhetoric, being empty of ultimate meaning.

If words are empty, then Dzogchen is the great emptiness!

Dzogchen simply means the innermost nature of mind, the perfect emptiness, the perfect purity of consciousness. The great perfection.

The word ‘Dzogchen’ sounds mysterious, and beyond our comprehension: to be infatuated by this view of Dzogchen is foolish as it puts it out of reach because there is no actual experience of Dzogchen. If we strip everything away – every idea, every image, every word – what remains? It has to be pure consciousness, pure understanding, direct comprehension. Yes? Or no?

You are Dzogchen. I am Dzogchen. Dzogchen is the innermost nature or essence of mind. It is what we are. It’s very simple. It is the Great Simplicity.

What is complex and exotic is the confusion surrounding our true nature. The Great Mud! Don’t be overawed by words. Words, ideas, images and teachings only point the way. If we cling to the words, ideas, images and teachings, the way will remain muddy. We will have become the Great Mud. The MahaMud 😀 Only experience and realisation is the truth.

The Great Mud washes off with the realisation that the confusion never ever existed. All we have to do is stop acquiring more mud. Teachings are meant to release us from confusion and suffering, rather than adding to them.

Mud adds.
Dzogchen takes away.

Dzogchen: the Great Take-Away!

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