Perceiving Thoughts

As with perceiving phenomena, where neither thought nor judgement is necessary (unless there is a need), so the same with thoughts in meditation. If we do have to think or reason about something, we can do that later, but in meditation, we are mind training. Mind training is training the mind not to spend our precious time in fantasy, in imagination and in worry, which results in our feeling heavier and heavier.

Enlightenment is feeling lighter than we did before. Our now is a product from our past, and that is heavy with solidified perceptions. The lighter we become – having shaken off our karmic acquisitions, our beliefs and our self-made patterning – the less solid and ‘real’ everything seems. Once we gain mastery over our perception, we see more clearly and not through a glass darkly!

Giving up unnecessary doings
gives us more time to do what is required,
and that is knowing what we truly are – pure consciousness.

Human time is running out on all of us.
The more we can relax and enjoy,
the easier the path.
Relaxing is letting go.

The world has become a heavy place,
while the earth is still full of lights, smells, tastes, touches, sounds,
which are appreciated by relaxed perception of pure being.

When we finally do shake off this heavy coat of concepts,
we will definitely feel lighter.

Everything is clearly seen by the power of light, right?

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  1. crestedduck says:

    People only see what we do…But God/Source fully knows why we do what we do !
    I believe in the end it will really matter what we did for others and for ourselves, and why !

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