I Don’t Want To Meditate!

“I don’t see the point of meditation.
I don’t like people who meditate.”

Well, that’s a good starting point –
and we all have to start somewhere.

We don’t have to meditate.
We just have to stay reasonable and open minded.

Seeking absolute truth is recognising, experiencing and realising
the highest quality of awareness, or consciousness.
Our awareness, our consciousness.

Absolute truth is awareness recognising awareness itself.
Absolute truth does not lie elsewhere.
Absolute awareness is free of doubt.

We cannot say we are not aware, can we?
It is sitting quietly and being aware of this awareness that is meditation.

Realisation is not being separate from the realisation.
In that realisation, there is no meditator, and therefore, no meditation.
Merely realisation.

So you don’t have to meditate, but it helps.
We only sit quietly to facilitate this understanding.

The main point is being aware or conscious of our own objections because,
in those objections, we are only defeating ourselves.
In recognising those objections lies the freedom from objections.

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