Maintaining Tranquillity
requires a change in life-style.

This means going from calling everyone a ‘Pillock!’* to pure observation without comment. Of course, in every situation, we have reactions in the mind, but we can delay the response, unless there is an urgency. This doesn’t mean that we don’t act; we just don’t re-enact out of habit … “Pillock!” … we merely note: “There ‘I’ go again.” This ‘I’ is our coarse, running commentary on everything that is seen; it’s as if we have our own private forum 😀

Through clarity, we transform from a harsh, rough texture which collects lots of dust, to a smooth texture where nothing sticks.

Behind all the mental chatter that has become our second nature is the essence of tranquillity of our first nature. It merely notes. The longer we rest in natural tranquillity, the more a change in lifestyle occurs. Whatever needs to be dropped falls away, and whatever needs to shine, shines.

The more we maintain tranquillity, the more intelligence is available. We start to see from different angles, so our responses can be more creative. We don’t have to become learned scholars: rather, it is having the ability to apply knowledge and skill through dealing with the raw experience.

This how we refine realisation, and abide in calmness.

Pillock: a stupid person: “A complete pillock!”
ORIGIN. mid 16th century: variant of archaic pillicock:‘penis’. 😀

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