The Motivation For Compassion

Everyone, without exception, wants and needs happiness. Unfortunately, we are mistaken and confused in our endeavours to be happy, because we do not know exactly what happiness is. We are constantly creating the wrong conditions for real happiness to occur. All sentient beings, in whatever form, are circling in cycles of existence, looking for satisfaction while actually creating dissatisfaction.

We ignore our true inner nature of pure consciousness, power and happiness. Because we are self indulgent, we don’t know how to create a kind atmosphere, and the same scenarios reoccur. Being sentient is all about – ME. Understanding this, we can start to recognise what compassion is. People – all creatures – seek comfort: a nest, a niche within the collective. This is the ‘social I’.
Niche: a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.

According to the concept of reincarnation, we should see all sentient beings as having been our mother: if we have had countless incarnations wandering around the universe looking for a niche, then every being at some time has been our kind mother.

Okay, here we have to open up the picture. If everyone has been our mother (kind or otherwise), then every sentient being has also raped us, murdered us, and run off with our bicycle! This stands to reason, doesn’t it? 😀 And it must also stand to reason that we did the very same to them.

But, as all sentient beings are confused about their true nature, we can’t really blame them, as we are doing exactly the same thing! So we can see why samsara is called ‘the vicious cycle of existence(s)’. We can also see that it’s possible to have empathy and compassion for all the madness going on: it’s a matter of recognising that we are part of the traffic jam!

There comes a time when we say, “Enough. This madness has to stop.” The first step to compassion is admitting that we are suffering, and so recognise that everyone else is suffering, even though they may have a fortunate niche. We no longer want to take part in this charade, this pretence.

Clarity – seeing clearly, and being able to reason – is the first step to having compassion for all.

We may not like it, but for our own peace of mind, we must dedicate our practices and prayers to all sentient beings . This is the mind changer: we have personally made the decision to help every being in the universe, and we do this with genuine warmth. Or are we going to leave this to someone else?

If we really want to help sentient beings, we must know the essential cause that is making trouble for them.

We have to have the strong faith that, in recognising the need to be free of the effects of samsara, we have to first understand the nature of the mind, which is empty essence. One method is through Buddhism, but there are other paths to suit different temperaments – the mixture in the mind that affects our behaviour – while being aware that our temperament can change.

Whatever we choose, we trust in the depth of that teaching, rather than the superficial form: that just makes another nice nest – a niche.

We need to understand, with all sincerity in the depths of our heart, that samsara is muddy shit. It’s something we don’t want to keep walking around in. We could say that samsara is completely valueless. But wait! Wanting to get out of this valueless shit helps us seek a path of liberation and so enter the Dharma, or any other esoteric teaching. We gradually (or suddenly) realise that the fruit of this manure is wisdom.

All phenomena is experienced and realised by the grace of pure consciousness, pure awareness. Understanding this is our birthright. Until then, anything we do is still relating to – ME.

Compassion is the ability to empathise with others, as we are all making the same mistake; that is why we are confused, and we suffer.

Nothing Can Stop Us Meditating
as nothing can stop us just being aware.

We consent to being distracted.
The more distracted we are,
the less control we have over our lives.

We have tremendous power,
but idle it away in trivial pursuits.
The more distracted we are,
the less control we have over our lives.

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