I’m Reluctant To Become One Of Those ‘Spiritual’ People”
We’re talking about the promotion of pseudo-spirituality

People behave oddly when it comes to religion, in the way that they act, talk, and carry ‘their self’ 😀 . Some Buddhists would prefer to be called just practitioners – and even then, that becomes a badge.

‘Spirituality’ is just a word for spirit, or essence of being; something non-material, beyond thought. Spirituality is our reality that never changes. In those quiet moments of doing nothing – just being aware and barely conscious – we find or realise true being.

Acting like a ‘spiritual’ person is a pretence of immense misunderstanding. It’s a show to say “Look, I’m different from you.” I’ve been part of many ‘spiritual’ groups and it was rare – actually impossible – to find anyone ‘ordinary’. This ‘being spiritual’ seems to be a westernised version of spirituality; a bad copy. I’ve noticed in Nepal that the Tibetans, Indians and Nepalese go about their duties without exaggerated self awareness, and no special airs, expressions or manners (but that’s not to say that there aren’t those who use religion as a lucky charm).

The atmosphere that such people create can make your toes curl: it’s like treading on egg shells, tiptoeing around so that they don’t get upset. There is a refusal to deal with the raw experience of the nitty gritty of conventional reality. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is down to the way people are taught, and the assumptions that are made about the teacher. The pseudo-humility of bowing and prostrating to everything encourages spiritual pride, and the problem is that this behaviour is not corrected (and it feels as if it’s encouraged, as a controlling mechanism). It’s as if we are all pretending that we’re love and light, but in relative terms, we’re not – and we have to be taught how to balance with this with absolute reality.

Spirituality is about discovering reality – rather than the pretence of reality. Modern people are brought up in a different way to the ancients, and we have to deal with and accept the way we are – which is a karmic product – and avoid overloading ourselves with additional problems.

Enlightenment is arriving without any luggage at all.

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