Truth Seekers And Truth Finders
… and finders, keepers!

As truth seekers, we look at this approach and that approach, and “Oho! What they doing over there?!” We are offered things to wear, wave and chant, with books to read and, “Do come back for more.” As seekers, we follow – and keep on following: we actually find that we aren’t as free as we were led to believe.

So what is the truth, and how do we recognise it? And once found, how do we value it? It is something we realise, either gradually or directly. Directly is best as it saves a lot of time, but we have to be in the right mood! We have to want to see, to be open, and to actually try it.

We take for granted that we are aware: we are aware of this and that, and how this and that feels. “Oho! What are they doing over there?” is a familiar feeling, isn’t it? If someone came up to us and said, “The truth is all about awareness”, we might feel, “Yeah, yeah, but I want to know something interesting.” That isn’t the right mood – that’s being a hobby seeker. Being told something doesn’t mean that we know it, or that it’s true. As an example, the Buddha’s teachings are not the truth: the experience and realisation of the Buddha’s teachings is the truth.

The right mood is being really fed up, and really confused!

Awareness is the gateway to truth. It’s like mindfulness – it’s useful but not quite there. Awareness (or consciousness) is what all beings in the universe have. But here is the secret. When conscious awareness looks in on itself, it finds nothing but conscious awareness. There is nothing more. It is empty of something else.

When this is information is practised and realised, it becomes knowledge, and ultimately, wisdom. Then everything makes sense, and we recognise why we have been distracted and deceived by this and that for such a considerable length of time.

Once realised,
we recognise that we have always been
pure, empty, conscious awareness.

Finders, keepers!

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