Sound In Silence
This says it all

Everything that is seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched is perceived in the mind: it takes place in the mind, because that is when it is noticed! Then, we make a comment – a noise. The nature of mind itself is pure empty essence, which makes no comment. Comment therefore happens within the silence of empty essence, the very nature of mind.

Mantras in silence

Mantras have been used by meditators for thousands of years. A mantra is a syllable or syllables usually sounded in Sanskrit, that represents a certain quality. We may or may not know the meaning.

Sanskrit mantras are said to have powers as they have been endowed with special qualities because they’ve been used by enlightened ones, and so can have an uplifting feeling. Throughout life, practitioners chant hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of mantras. If we believe in mantras, then they will have a strong psychological effect. One could say that they are a form of abstract thought.

This is one way of looking at them, if we are a believer. If we are not a believer, then a mantra can help us concentrate by becoming absorbed in the sound, very much like watching the breath.

At a more practical and deeper level, when chanted mentally, a mantra gives the mind something to do while empty essence merely rests and experiences. The sound in silence.

When the mind is full of thoughts about the past and things we regret, a mantra can blast thoughts away if done intensely.

It’s nice to sing out loud isn’t it? Well, singing or chanting prayers or mantras has a good effect on the breathing and also brings down the inner wind in the subtle body (search ‘Inner wind, lung’ – pronounced loong).

All sound takes place within the emptiness of essence.
The sound in silence.

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