Truth Is Always The Same

The truth never changes. If it did, then it would not be the truth: it would be a convenient truth with time limits. Absolute truth is constant, and may be expressed in many ways.

Unfortunately, the expression of truth seems to divides us, but looking deeper we see that it all comes down to one thing – purity. Purity is not contaminated by any thing or any thought. Space is like that; it is infinite and never changes. It does not matter what takes place in space, the space itself never changes.

The essence of mind is also exactly like that.

There is one other aspect to purity: it has to be observed, otherwise it would be pointless. There has to be conscious awareness present to acknowledge purity, and that conscious awareness has to be pure in order to recognise purity as such.

There is no point in a deity if no one is present to appreciate it. So what comes first? The deity or awareness? Pure conscious awareness must come first. We can be told something, but that doesn’t mean we know it as an experience. When we seek the truth, in the final analysis we realise that we are it! If we believe in a ‘me’ and ‘something out there’, that is a duality. It is the same as the relationship between thought and pure conscious awareness: before a thought arises, there must be pure, conscious awareness present.

Absolute truth can never change. It is always the same. The essence of authentic spiritual teachings is like that: there is no ambiguity (being open to more than one interpretation). Ambiguity comes from the style of expression, creating a variety, where we find ourselves being diverted while claiming that the expression is the one truth. We have then gone astray into impure consciousness, into darkness.

The absolute truth is very simple and pure. We are pure, conscious awareness – pure and simple. Whatever occurs in our human life is the result of the past. Some days are a mess and some days are clear. We will get old, slow down, become ill and die, all the while being at ease with whatever happens.

Some have DNA that gives rise to long-living bodies, whereas others have DNA that gives rise to short-living bodies. It is said that, with the right conditions, DNA can change, but the odds are stacked against us.

We can only do what we can do about our physical bodies, but we can remain at ease with whatever happens.

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