How Much Control Do We Have In Our Lives?

This blog could be considered thought-provoking: in fact, we need our thoughts to be provoked πŸ˜€ That’s probably the devil consciousness and god consciousness in me! And that’s the point: we are governed by two consciousnesses – impure and pure. Devil/Mara consciousness is our impure mind that is controlled by our likes and dislikes, obscuring our god or pure consciousness.

God has to be pure consciousness, has it not? And we are pure consciousness, are we not? Well, we are from a Buddhist point of view.

So how much control do we have in life? The world is run by devil consciousness – and has been for thousands of years. Long ago, ‘someone’ twisted the story to create the belief in external forces when, in truth, these forces are within: that was the beginning of our loss of control.

Just look at our lives. They are run on addictions. Addictions to sex, work, family, shopping, news, technology, gaming, sports, drugs, alcohol, art, ‘high’ music, ‘rock’ music … these are all worms in the mind. We think we have choice, but it’s only a choice between this and that. We never stop. Robots never stop.

The choice comes when we can pause ourselves, and stop our programme. It’s hard to meet anyone who can come out of their programming, and have an open mind; people merely repeat a pattern of speech and behaviour.

From cradle to grave, we are bombarded with assumptions about what being a ‘decent’ person is – someone who follows the ‘rules’ – rather a genuinely decent and kind person, ready to communicate with clarity.

Who wants wars? Not ordinary people. It’s our leaders who want war: they convince us that war is good, and we go along with it. They convince us that restrictions are good, and we go along with them. They convince us that taking pills is necessary, and we go along with it.

Take control back, and see that we have a choice. We can just be, without being something. We can enjoy the simple things in life that do not cost anything.

We start by meditating. Meditation is a psychological method to clear the mind of programming. We de-format the cluttered mind. When we see clearly, then we have a choice to express that clarity.

There is a myriad of choices in this modern world, but these choices are so boring – and they all relate to something outside our self, which distracts us from looking within. Political movements, advertising, poets, song writers, social media … they all talk about freedom – but that is still the freedom to get involved in this and that.

Clutter is controlling us.
True freedom is disengagement … releasing the clutch πŸ˜€

β€œOh! But you’re out of control then!”

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  1. crestedduck says:

    “We, as humans, have two duties with regard to Universal Love. The first is to love ourselves so that we can love others. The other is to cultivate tolerance, for although it may not be possible to love everyone; it is imperative to hate no one.” Christian Bernard

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