The Antagonist and The Protagonist*

The negative and the positive
– the devil and the divine –
know everything about us.

Both are within:
all we have to do is look.

We know what is going on.
We have always known what is going on:
we just didn’t dare to look.

It is uncomfortable to look.
Even when we look,
it is difficult to express.
Once we look, however,
all those negative feelings dissolve
and we become the hero – the protagonist.

It is like permanent space and impermanent matter made of parts:
we are so used to looking at matter
that we do not notice the space that matter occupies.

When we notice the emptiness of space,
then the emptiness of matter is revealed.
Everything is emptiness.

*Antagonist: the opposer = I
Protagonist: the main principle = emptiness of pure awareness

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