Why Are People So Disappointing?

If we are disappointed in others, then maybe they are also disappointed in us. We can either be disappointed that something we expected to happen didn’t, or we can be disappointed when something happens that we didn’t expect. In our conventional life, everything is disappointing.

Expect disappointment 😀

As ordinary humans, we desire, we hope, we believe, we make assumptions and we expect. When what we want doesn’t happen, we feel disappointed. Being disappointed, we can become angry and depressed. Disappointment – or any other negative emotion – is merely an idea, an occurrence in the mind of empty awareness. We are that empty awareness or consciousness: it is pure and simple. But when this awareness or consciousness forgets its pure and simple nature, it identifies with occurrences in the mind, and poison is released in the form of negative emotions and actions, and so we lose our true ‘self’ – the realisation of inner peace and pure consciousness.

The saving grace is that, all the while that these poisons are active, pure consciousness of whatever is taking place is always present. That is the key to being released from the darkness of impure consciousness. We know what we are doing, but we cannot stop ourselves as we are not practised in mind training.

People talk the talk,
but make little attempt to use the key
– the light of conscious awareness, –
to escape the darkness.
They prefer to sit in comfort in the dark – it’s homey.

The opposite of disappointment is joy; the joy of clear seeing.
Seeing things just as they are,
whether wet, dry, disappointing, agreeable.

We are not wet, dry, disappointed, agreeable:
we are the final consciousness of pure awareness.

We can wish the world to be at peace, but it’s not going to happen. My glasses have a piece missing from the lens on one side, and a huge lump of duct tape holding the lens in and the frame together on the other side – but I can still see! Nothing is perfect; only clear seeing.

PS New glasses are on the way …

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