We Need To Be Certain About Our Spiritual Practice
otherwise our progress may become slow
– or even go into reverse

If we are uncertain, we become frivolous and half-hearted. Not having any precise purpose or value about what we are doing, our mind and bodies wander and become prey to tangible hostile forces – mara demons. We may want to know the truth about our reality – what we actually are – but we fall back into our routine, our rituals, simply because we have become used to them: these hostile forces create a system for us to enjoy ‘dark freedom’.

We need to be clear about the direction we are taking, and who we are listening to: “All that glitters is not gold.” The attractive external appearance of something or someone is not a reliable indication of their true nature.

We need the teaching that suits our temperament, and that cuts through our ritual routines. The sleepy need to speedy up, and the speedy need to slow down.

There is a tremendous precision in the Buddha’s words, “Not too tight and not too loose.” Mindful of this aphorism, we become spiritual engineers who can adjust their lives and behaviour, because they know the essence of the teachings.

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