Inner Civil War

Dividing a community is the cause and condition to conquer that community. This starts with creating conflict in the mind – an inner civil war of confusion.

If the unity of emptiness and awareness – an extremely subtle level of consciousness – is tampered with, then emptiness and awareness are divided. Our pure state of emptiness is forgotten and we are left in ordinary awareness; this downgrades us into conventional mind. Conventional mind can be manipulated and manoeuvred into believing whatever we are told to believe.

If we can accept that the word ‘devil’ is merely a word to describe something that creates obstacles, then we need look no further than our own cluttered minds. When we cling to or fixate on something, it is we who create the conditions for hopes and fears to arise. In this way, the ‘devil’ is our own ego.

There are, however, those in powerful positions, elected by us, with extraordinarily large egos!

They remain in power by diverting our attention, which separates us from resting in our true nature. This is where we lose our freedom. The world is becoming increasingly hostile, and people are being wound up – us against us. Crazy!

All that we read is not the complete truth … ever! Even reading the Buddha’s word is not the truth: it is the experience and realisation of those words that is the truth. This is the extremely subtle level of consciousness without any tampering.

All we need to do is realise a clear mind. Then, when any thing is placed in that mind, pure consciousness lights up. See?

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