Levels Of Consciousness

The levels of consciousness are determined
by the levels of diminishing obscurations

We may have assumed that consciousness is just one level – we are conscious – but consciousness has many levels as we have many levels of fixated concepts. We perceive through ‘dark glass’, through karma.

Our level of consciousness is determined by how, as an individual, we perceive the mental obstacles that obscure pure consciousness of clear seeing. Are there obstacles or not?

At street level, we are not aware that we have consciousness; we just constantly react. Consciousness perceives, and positive and negative emotions arise, causing us some sort of suffering.

At another level, consciousness applies an antidote to these emotions – such as compassion for anger. We are applying a positive to counteract a negative, but in doing so, we are reifying the emotion, thus causing more emotions such as pride to arise.

At yet another level, those same emotions are perceived as brightening the mind, and therefore become, or are inseparable from, wisdoms.

At the highest level, there are no emotions – or even consciousness, for that matter – as pure consciousness abides within itself.

It’s not a contest.
It is just noticing the mind,
hopping back and forth.

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  1. Marcel says:

    Hi Tony, it’s difficult to get into an interactive discussion, while there is simply not a lot to feed back other than to nod in agreement. For example, how true your header of this blog:

    “BUDDHA IN THE MUD by Tony Barrs. There are two truths: the real and the seemingly real. Their connection is the negative emotions. On the path of the seemingly real, the emotions imprison us. On the path of the real, the emotions liberate us. There is a secret life to the emotions.”

    The very real secret mandala of emotions.. In the relative, we get easliy carried away by our emotions.. Within emptiness, we see the emotions arise as wisdoms, trying to tell us, learn us something about the situation. This might very well be the essence of the inner teacher..

    • tony says:

      Hello Marcel,
      Before an emotion arises, there has to be thought. Before the thought something is seen, or felt, or smelled, or heard, or tasted.

      Sense perception is non conceptual.
      Before perception is emptiness – the open child.

      So, in pure perception things can be just seen, felt, smelled, heard or tasted – there is no judgement from memory. So, all phenomena is our teacher in a relative way – we learn something.

      However, all phenomena is also our teacher in an absolute way, as phenomena arises within emptiness. It’s a reminder that recognition
      of emptiness is present.

      Our only problem comes when judgement from memory from karma kicks in and creates an emotion and we believe it is real.

      As you say, the moment of recognising an emotion is liberation, and the child is happy…. to play!


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