The Cusp* Of Knowing And Not Knowing
is knowingness itself

We may either take it for granted that we know, or think that we don’t know: both negate ever-present, exact knowingness itself. Knowingness isn’t a frozen state. Rather, it’s a ‘touchy-feely’ openness that is telling us something. It’s our teacher.

This pure knowingness is pure consciousness – a transparent state alive to all appearances – and all appearances are a product of karma. The exhausting of karma is our path home.

Pure consciousness is aware of whatever presents itself in the present moment: whether we think we know or do not know, it neither fixates upon nor freezes a situation. If pure consciousness fixates upon or freezes a situation, it becomes impure consciousness, doesn’t it?

Spiritual teachings are a precious initiation into our true nature, but they are not the cusp of experience and realisation. That comes from the touchy-feely moment of the five wisdoms: mirror-like wisdom, discriminating wisdom, all-accomplishing wisdom, the wisdom of equality and the wisdom of spaciousness, which are the enlightened activities.

If, however, ego grasping has taken over, and we reify ­something abstract, making it concrete or real, then those wisdoms turn into negative emotions, and activate demon activity. We block our natural flow of trusting in the moment now, which is resting in pure consciousness.

If we take our world literally, we will miss the expedient symbolism of constant, pure teaching. The Buddha’s teaching is down to earth: his ground-touching gesture is the witness mudra.

*A point of transition between two different states.

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