Emotions Are Our Ultimate Reality?

Emotions and thoughts are Dharmakaya. ‘Dharmakaya’ is Sanskrit for ’emptiness’.
Emptiness is uncontaminated consciousness = pure consciousness, our ultimate reality.

How are emotions our ultimate reality?

Likes and dislikes, pride, jealousy, ignorance: all have one thing in common. There is seeing present. Something is seen in order for this emotion to arise. The important point is that seeing – our ultimate reality of pure consciousness – is already present.

However, due to ignorance of this fact, our conventional mind engages in protecting our illusory self image. A distortion of appearances occurs and, as a result, an emotion fires up and we either react – or smoulder inside! đŸ˜€

If, on the other hand, we have been introduced to the emptiness of pure consciousness, we see – but without going down the road of reacting. In that very first instant of an emotion about to arise, the mind lights up, and that is the light of emptiness – pure consciousness, our ultimate reality.

Ultimately, appearance and perception are simultaneous. Mirror and reflections. It is the nature of empty essence to be mirror-like; it just reflects. Pure consciousness merely sees.

This isn’t a vacant state of being unaware or not knowing. It is ultimate reality. Because of this ultimate reality, both vacancy and excitement are noticed.

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