Being Convinced About Our Way
It’s just a matter of seeing.

We all have an inner longing, but maybe we’re not clear about what that is. Once we give it a name, this seems to limit the longing, creating a barrier we cannot pass. This inner longing is beyond the physical or mental realms; it’s more like a ‘feeling’. A mystery, but not a total mystery because there is something familiar in it.

Here, we are referring to our inner dimension. This is something we daren’t talk about, because talk is just talk.

The word ‘spirituality’ can have many definitions, so we need to be precise about what exactly it means to us, personally. The idea of spirituality switches many people off, because the material world – and their place in it – means everything to them, and if we’re not careful, we can become caught up in their partiality.

It’s just a matter of seeing.

Our path is confusion, and is therefore, dark. We need to enlighten the path, and keep the light on. Once the path is lit, we can see – and that is all that matters. Then there is no need for the path; it’s gone!

Because there is just seeing, subtle fears may arise because we feel we have to see something: we miss the genuine experience of just seeing, of pure awareness, and therefore we resort to clinging to the path of religious formulae. We have not “Gone, gone, gone beyond”.

Our path, our method, our emphasis is actually our undoing. This ‘undoing’ clears away our confusion about our reality. This blog has no intention of converting anyone to anything: genuine teachings merely support whichever path we choose, to realise our reality. Realisation is light … is enlightenment … is clarity.

It’s just a matter of seeing.

Our paths have many names. A path is a means to an end – the end of confusion. It’s not there to create more confusion 😀 . We have to connect with our longing, which is self realisation; the end of the path. And the path can end now!

There are many religious or spiritual traditions, so it’s plain to see that there is more than one approach. Ultimately, when we go beyond words, we go beyond the teacher, the teaching and the upholders of the teaching: “Gone, gone, gone beyond.” If we cannot maintain the light (which is just a matter of seeing), then we need the support of the teacher, the teaching, and the upholders of the teaching.

In order to know anything, we need awareness. We need to look and see – and realise that there is nothing to see. It’s just a matter of seeing, of pure awareness. When we are convinced of this, and have gained confidence in it, then nothing can disturb us. Now we can love, because there is nothing to defend.

If, after death, there are visions, we need to know the difference between the clear light of seeing and the projections of the conceptual mind.

The longing of clear light in union with clear light is ultimate attainment.

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