Acetylcholine = Prolonged Focused Attention… continued

This is a complex subject, and although this is only a consciousness blog and not a medical journal, it’s still important to consider such topics.

It seems that our modern, speedy lifestyle is having a detrimental effect on us. Two particular items caught my eye on this subject: too much stress, and exposure to unnecessary chemicals which cause an imbalance in our brains.

In our new world order of flashing images and flashing lifestyle, our inner wind (our anxiety) is always up. If stress is showered upon us when we are children, just think how it is affecting us now. The loss of Acetylcholine is also connected to types of dementia.

There are many sites about this subject: this is from one of them.

Acetylcholine levels can be low for a number of reasons, including:

  • not enough B vitamins in the diet – Acetylcholine is made from the B vitamin choline, with the assistance of vitamins B1 and B5

  • too much sugar – a high sugar intake robs the body of its vitamin B stores, reducing acetylcholine production

  • too much stress – stress uses up B vitamins and depletes acetylcholine levels in the body

  • exposure to mercury, lead, aluminium, PCBs, fertilisers, pesticides or EMF can all interfere with acetylcholine production in the body

Symptoms of low acetylcholine levels can include:

  • poor focus and concentration

  • memory problems – difficulty remembering names and faces, birthdays, lists, directions or instructions

  • misplacing your keys, wallet or glasses frequently

  • slow and/or confused thinking

  • difficulty finding the right words

  • disorientation

  • making simple mistakes at work

  • introversion – preferring to do things alone rather than in groups

  • feeling of despair, lack of joy

And then there is the addictive lifestyle of reward – the Dopamine effect! The way in which we think affects our lifestyle, and our lifestyle affects our brain. The way our brain works, with its memories and judgements, affects our mind.

This is why it is important to be aware.

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  1. tony says:

    According to the British National Health Service, “The exact cause of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) isn’t fully understood, although a combination of factors is thought to be responsible.  The evidence for many of these factors is inconclusive, and more research is needed to determine if they contribute to ADHD.”

    There seems to be a difference in the use of knowledge.

  2. crestedduck says:

    We are being surrounded and attacked from every perceiveable angle and direction the enemy can and can’t even imagine. The kicker and bottom line is that the more one studies to show thy self approved and learns the sad truths of this reality, the unhappier and hopeless we become in this forced existence in a false reality. I’ve suffered way more than my fair share of abuse in this 53 year lifetime and i’m ready to end this life and get my pure consciousness out of this cancerous and purposely poisoned body asap, so I can return to God/Source just like I do and have done naturally my whole life every nite for getting the very much needed healing, protection, and unconditional love that only comes from the one real God/Source that lives within and we are eternally connected to.

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