Valuing Gratitude

We appreciate everything that happens and
– especially –
everything that doesn’t happen!

Gratitude enriches life.
May our futures bring us closer together.




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  1. Luke Grogan says:

    Happy New Year tony thanks for all your teachings🗿❤️🕉

  2. Jinyi says:

    I’ve been an avid reader of yours since I was first forwarded your site.
    Then on, I’ll pop by once in a while to read up on your constant updates.

    Lately for the past 6 months, I’ve spent less time online and more time with my dad. See, 2 years ago, he started getting depression.

    Maybe it’s a lot of factors that lead to his depression. But underneath it all, his intention was pure and all he ever wanted was to protect and care for his family.

    My dad is the type of person that wouldn’t even hurt a single living thing. I recall once when he was scouting for ticks with my three dogs, all rescued dogs he found abandoned or sick, he would slowly pick each tick out, wrap it in a small paper and release them away from our house compound.

    However, yesterday on the final year of 2017, my dad decided to end his life. I will never know or understand why he did it. Nor would I be able to explain the emotions that courses through me now.

    And then, a voice called out and here I am back here and the top article seems like it’s screaming out to me and everything I feel seems to be summed up in those few words.

    I just felt the urge to thank you for all the times your posts has helped to clarify what seemed to be a knot.

    Sadhu sadhu sadhu

    P.s. happy New year 🙂

    • tony says:

      Hello Jinyi,
      Thank you for your heartfelt comment. It is all about love. It is only about love, and love, express itself in different ways.

      Realisation of our true nature comes with joy and sadness, it’s a mixed blessing. There is the joy of relief, “This is it!” And, the sadness that everyone may not being experiencing this joy right now. That sadness, is love.

      We are all making a spiritual journey of discovery by uncovering and letting go of the past. Undoing the knots.

      Depending on what we do in life, will sow the seeds of the next stage of this journey. May we together send peace and clarity to your Dad.

      May peace and peace and peace be everywhere.


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