We Live In Parallel Realities

One reality is our physical, human form of body, speech and mind, while the other is consciousness, our ethereal reality.

Ethereal: extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world, from Greek aithēr ‘upper air’, from the base of aithein ‘burn, shine

It’s a matter of balance. If we are too weighed down in the physical, mental state, the ethereal will appear insubstantial and imaginary – or even alien. That is our conventional reality, and the converse must also be true; from the ultimate point of view, the physical realm seems insubstantial, and imaginary – or even alien. Because we are in a human form, we need a balance to achieve a unity of these two realities.

The ethereal consciousness is one of clarity and love. The physical realm is one of desire and aversion. When we meet another, there is either love or a lack of love, which is love modified by desire or aversion.

We notice, when engaged in talking to others, that there is a wish to communicate, but at the same time, we realise that there are limitations to that communication: this illustrates the parallel realities. We can’t say how we truly feel and things are left ‘up in the air’ – in the ether 🙂 In this situation, if we’re not aware of the parallel realities, we can become frozen as dynamic harmony is missing.

Resting in ethereal reality – consciousness – there is no noise. There’s nothing to say.
When we sit together in silent meditation, isn’t the peace wonderful and … smily?

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