The Final Conclusion

We are consciousness itself. We know this truth inherently, but due to the obscuring indoctrination we’ve experienced in life, we are unable to express it, and so we cling to a partial view: the resulting diversity divides us. The grand, misleading formula that god is something separate from each of us has led to much harm in the world.

That which has been designated as god for thousands of years is actually consciousness. It’s what we are. The divine presence.

We are divided for no good reason at all. Being undivided, the world would be at perfect peace, and we would be free to chose and work our path to enlightenment without competitiveness, and with mutual support free from indoctrination.

The clarity of consciousness brings spiritual insights which take us deeper and deeper into our true nature, which is the source of insight. We are free to call that ‘god’ ‘pure open awareness’, ‘zen’, ‘rigpa’, ‘tao’ …. Clear seeing is a matter of being receptive and open-minded. Oneness is spontaneous presence of compassion; to suffer with, having a sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. Isn’t that inherent in all of us?

Theist and atheist, gnostic and agnostic – these are extreme concepts: they separated us and thus, we are at one only in ignorance and confusion. The opposite is that which enlightens our spiritual path, without boundaries.

Theists believe in god the creator. Buddhists don’t believe in god the creator. These are both limited views – and I’m speaking as a Buddhist! The more we separate, the more demonic we become.

The more we are at one, the more divine we become in profound consciousness.

We are all consciousness. We each have a body and a thinking mind. The problem arises when the mind is conditioned by diverse ideas which obscure the clarity and insight of spontaneous, inspirational presence, manifesting as divine altruistic compassion for all.

If we are rooted in the concept of my consciousness or my god, then we are the creator and ruler of our universe, and the source of all moral authority.

Pure consciousness is the principle of transcendent knowledge before the creator and ruler of the universe and precedes the source of moral authority.

We can chose to live in a universe of conditional love, which is one of partiality governed by desire and fear, or in a universe of unconditional love, which is one of impartiality and enlightened activity, passing on the light.

If you say it’s god, I’ll agree.
If you say it’s universal love, I’ll agree.
If you say it’s rigpa, I’ll agree.

There are no differences, just paths.

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  1. tony says:

    Morning Marcel!
    I sent you an email but it comes back as undelivered.
    You put a video link on the blog. I was just copying
    the link and inadvertently deleted it.
    Would you like to put it on again.


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