Self-Knowing Awareness

We are automatically (without conscious thought or attention) spontaneous awareness/ consciousness. Nothing creates this: it works by itself without human control. A human is merely consciousness that became confused and attached itself to certain ideas which, driven by karma, adopted a form.

This might be something we don’t want to hear, because we may mistakenly think that karma is a punishment. It is not: karma is the programming we have acquired that has to be deleted in order to release consciousness from this physical and mental confusion.

Some of us are having a good time, and others, not so good: we all have good and bad times, more or less. Remember – no-thing lasts! We may say, “I like being human – it’s fun,” and of course, it does have its attractions. Whether our life is pleasant or unpleasant, our acknowledgement of whatever we experience within consciousness has the potential to release us and, thereby, we attain liberation or enlightenment. That acknowledgement is self-knowing awareness, which we could call conscience.

If we were to improve just 1% in every lifetime, it will only take 100 lifetimes to become enlightened 😀 This lifetime – good or bad – may actually be our last incarnation!

Resting in self-knowing, spontaneous awareness is having the ability to fall silent and listen. Emptiness pays attention to situations and the idea of ‘self’ drops out of the picture. We are no longer imposing on the situation; it tells us what to do.

Self-knowing awareness is beyond being human. We can, however, use this human existence to realise our true nature. Communicating with another – if we are paying attention to the other – is an invaluable experience to realise self-knowing awareness.

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  1. larryzb says:

    Zen like. Perhaps, we are already enlightened, and just do not realize that.

  2. daniel rigfanst says:

    Self-knowing= becoming aware of awareness ?
    but who is aware of ?

    • tony says:

      Hello Daniel,
      That is a wonderful never ending question.
      It’s like mirror looking at a mirror. Thinking about this we can go crazy.

      We have to start on a conventional level, what we designate as an I, is aware that it is aware.
      So we say “I AM”.

      But before we identify with an I there is an awareness already present… doing nothing.

      It is only in the silence of meditation that it is noticed that there is only awareness which is doing nothing but being aware.

      It is empty of any contamination of a self identity. Not I Am, but just am.

      It’s like suspended animation of non duality, not referring to anything.

      Maybe it’s like walking into an unfamiliar room.
      In that first instant there is just scanning – awareness. Then we (awareness/consciousness) start to use memory and judge the situation.

      We are pure awareness.


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