Buddhism Is …
… recognition …
and the realisation of that recognition.

All appearances are temporary occurrences
in the churning-mind-machine.
Consciousness recognises these appearances,
and realises that are they recognised
by virtue of consciousness itself.

We are that consciousness.

Through practice,
recognition and realisation become simultaneous.
This is the realisation of the unity of the two truths:
all phenomena is seen by virtue of emptiness.

Consciousness is the reality.
The appearances are passers-by.
Consciousness is the compassionate Samaritan
that does not ignore.

Consciousness is.
is Buddh-is-m.

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1 Response to BUDDHISM IS …

  1. tony says:

    The word Samaritan is derived from the Ancient Hebrew term meaning “Guardians/Keepers/Watchers”.
    Ho Ho! If we ignore consciousness how can we be kind?

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