What are Authentic Spiritual Teachings?

Authentic: Undisputed origin – not a copy or adaptation.
Origin: The point where something begins.

We are talking about an extremely subtle aspect of our being, being diverted.
What is our origin?

First, we must ask, “What are we?”
We have to acknowledge that we cannot be what we see: there are two aspects – consciousness being aware of mental or physical phenomena.

Spiritually speaking, we are first consciousness, and second, human. This is obvious as, in order to even look at ourselves as being human, consciousness must first be present to be aware of this human phenomena.

We are authentic beings but without origin. This is mind blowing in itself.We are just consciousness – empty awareness. This is the authentic spiritual teaching, and there is nothing more profound than this.

But what is the origin of our human form?

It is the point where we ignored our pure consciousness and became attracted to being something, to being diverted. That attraction drove us to a certain form in a certain place, at a certain time, and this is still taking place even now – and now is the moment we can be back on track! We became what we are now due to desire; we changed course.

But now, we are here reading this, intending to change course again. Authentic teachings help us realise how to do this through just being aware, which is not easy to do. There are more elaborate teachings if we don’t understand the point of diversion.

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