Belief Is Not Spirituality

Belief is an idea, a story that we repeatedly imagine and accept without proof of reality.

Spirituality is the direct experience of sustained resting in pure consciousness, realising ultimate reality beyond belief.

Nothing and no one can take us to the enlightened state of self-realisation. It is we who undertake this investigation; that is why it is called self-realisation.

A teacher cannot make us enlightened – but karma can!

A teaching, a teacher, can only show us the way, and the way – the path – is our own accumulated confusion and doubt about reality. We have been confused – and still are confused – by theatrical ritual, be it secular or religious, and so we miss the whole point.

In prayer, puja and mantra, I talk and consciousness hears. It is pure consciousness that is the reality.

Reality is not in a prayer, puja or mantra. It is consciousness being conscious during the prayer, puja or mantra. The prayer, puja and mantra are just reminders, but these can easily become beliefs in themselves. And belief can become sentimentality, which is exaggerated and self-indulgent tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia.

Once we understand, we can go away and practise to gain realisation. We do not have to keep trying to understand, as understanding is still a mental process, and it is only through experience that realisation takes place.

Whatever makes us feel uncomfortable is our teacher: this is ‘karma’, which is whatever life presents.

When we no longer feel uncomfortable with karma, we have gone beyond belief.

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  1. The longest journey we will ever make is from the belief of the mind to the trust within the heart

    • tony says:

      Hello spiritlovestudio!
      Thank you for your comment.
      I’m staring at it, and it seems so true that we have been stuck in the mind for so long.

      Looking at this will depend on the tradition or system we follow. From a Buddhist perspective
      beliefs are ideas and imaginings in the mind that cannot be said to truly exist, as they come and go.

      The heart (our essential nature of goodness) is open all the time, and that is our constant.

      If this is so than the ‘journey’ is instantaneous upon recognition.

      In the heart we naturally love unconditionally.
      In the mind we have conditional love.

      We can chat more about this if you wish. I’m open to other’s views.


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