No Need To Keep On Meditating

In being “free in the moment of seeing”, we drop the meditation. Seeing is the spontaneous presence of pure consciousness. In the moment of being free, all elaborations drop away. That is the clear light of bliss, the blazing splendour, the all-seeing all-knowing reality of emptiness. The secret reality known to the enlightened ones.

We meditate to remember: once seeing or recognition is present, we can stop doing meditation and just rest and relaxed. In emptiness, anything can occur. All occurrences come and go, but the emptiness of pure consciousness is always present. That is the secret!

To the initiated, all appearances in the mind are but a reminder of seeing being present. It’s spontaneous. This why when an emotion arises, it is clearly seen, and this is when an emotion becomes wisdom. The stronger the emotion, the clearer the wisdom.

Wisdom is the realisation of pure consciousness, which is the heart of every sentient being. Pure consciousness is therefore synonymous with empathetic, compassionate love. There is no separation! It is fear, indifference and desire that separate us. That’s all. That’s it!

There is no ‘God’ but pure consciousness.
The idea of ‘God’ makes us believe, cling, fear and react.
Pure consciousness doesn’t.

God is a concept.
Pure consciousness isn’t.

Free in the moment of seeing. In pure consciousness, even meditation is a distraction. We only meditate when we forget. As soon as we are free in the moment of seeing, we drop the mediation and rest in peace. In fact, it’s quite ordinary. Don’t confuse realisation with culture.

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