The Devil Knows We Are ‘Free In the Moment Of Seeing’

That’s why we are kept busy:
the devil makes work for idle hands!

Of course, there is no literal ‘devil’; the devil is an expedient images for our own clinging to likes and dislikes. There are two aspects here – our own likes and dislikes, and the likes and dislikes of others. The image of a devil serves to distract us from our own power. Why would anyone do that?

Most people fill their lives with activities and noise; we fear the loneliness of silence. In silence, we start to consider what it is all about. In doing this, we may feel uncomfortable as all we have ever known is mindless noise and chatter. We quickly learned likes and dislikes, and these have coloured the whole of our life, so most of us don’t know what to do with being free in the moment of seeing – the moment of pure consciousness. I know I didn’t.

Depression can be due to unreasonable expectations, and we therefore prefer to follow thoughts of likes and dislikes. This happens even while trying to meditate; spiritual warriors use this as part of the meditation.

When it comes to others’ likes and dislikes, we are looking on a global scale. Corporations and organisations do not want us to be ‘free in the moment of seeing’. They prefer us to be attracted and addicted to their ideas, and their way of life to be our way of life. When was the last time you had an original thought?!

We need to sit back and see what we are doing. We may then notice that we actually have a choice, and are free. It’s only the decisions and actions we took in the past that are tying us down now. Imprisoning us now.

Spiritual escapees understand this and stop reacting. ‘Free in the moment of seeing’ starts the journey of unwinding all our troubles and fixations. Sitting quietly and reviewing our life, we start to see the positive side, because seeing is the start. We cannot put things in the past right, but we can deal with the effect now – to free us, both now and in the future.

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