Why I’m Critical Of Religious Beliefs
Our spiritual reality is beyond beliefs

Religions are organisations that support our spiritual practice, but they also add a few beliefs– which are cultural – that make people feel inadequate and inferior.

Here’s one example:
In Tibetan, the word for ‘woman’ is ‘inferior birth’; this is, of course, upsetting.
If we believethis, then we will feel inadequate.
If we do notbelieve this, then we can realise our full potential, right now.
All because of a belief. Daft, isn’t it?

It’s not just women who are seen as ‘inferior’ or ‘low quality’ – most of us are! There are ‘secret teachings’ that are not available to the ordinary student because of them not ‘being ready’. Whatever happened to, “We all have Buddha nature, right now!”?

If we do not accept this beliefthat we are inferior, then we can realise our full potential, right now! This is a fact.

Why is there an honorific language for the elite in Tibet? There is only one reason: it separates ‘us’ from ‘them’. As a consequence of feeling inadequate, we may not trust ourselves, and won’t practise with full enthusiasm. We may feel, “It doesn’t matter what I do, I’ll always be unworthy.” This can’t be right, can it? Not on my watch.

If we confuse and conflate spiritual teachings on the reality of our being with another’s culture, confusion and doubt may arise in the mind – and the effect of that is disastrous, and affects our whole life.

Pure consciousness is gender neutral.
Pure consciousness is status neutral.
Pure consciousness is beyond religion.
Pure consciousness is beyond monastic orders.
Pure consciousness just is.

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