How Are You Wired?

Our brains are all wired differently due to both our natural tendencies and heavy modification from our upbringing. We have ‘family wiring’ – traits. This wiring of axons and neurons is our message-gathering system; channels that carry signals from one neuron to other neurons. Our reactions come from this constructed mental system … in other words, karma! What the mind (consciousness) creates, the brain fixates upon. The setup of axons and neurons are our fixations! It is only when we pause and stop merely reacting, that an upgrade in the axon-neuron system evolves.

That is how we change, and become more intelligent. We no longer just react, going into the same old routine.

‘Routine’: from the French, route, road=neural pathway! 😀

It takes time to change. This is why we take time to practise discipline, tolerance, patience and concentration, and to develop wisdom.

Differences in brain wiring are why we may find it difficult to talk to those whose wiring is on a different wavelength. People who identify most strongly with their wiring – their collection – are the most difficult to deal with. This is because of ego-fixation, or idea-clinging, and is often (unfortunately) very obvious amongst those who are religiously-minded. Our wiring is our confusion, our makeup, our acquisition of mental ‘DNA’.

This is what meditation is meant to uncover and set free. We look, we see, we know.

We change our wiring by acknowledging that we feel uneasy. We ask questions, we find an answer and then we do something about it: that’s the four noble truths!

When we can acknowledge our first response to a situation, then we are free. If our life has been hunky-dory and we haven’t gone through traumatic experiences, there will be no reason for us to want to change. Our inner teacher is our suffering. Our outer teacher is anyone who shows us how to recognise our inner teacher, rather than someone who merely repeats religious texts.

The amazing thing is that we can be free in the moment of seeing, and it’s such a relief. If we don’t see that we’re suffering – and so live in a god realm – nothing changes. The ‘god realm’ is a Buddhist term for those who think they have it all, and feel superior to others. The problem in the god realm is that nothing lasts; everything the inhabitants think they have will eventually collapse back into the hell realms, causing tremendous suffering.

(for more about this, search The Six Realms)

It’s all about being honest with ourselves, and recognising our wiring and responses – “free in the moment of seeing.”

How amazing! In Tibetan: “E MA HO”!

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