Mundane And Supramundane Life

There are two different ways of looking at life: the mundane, earthly, materialistic experience, and the supramundane experience above and beyond that.

We oscillate between the two so quickly that we don’t notice the confusion, doubt and chaos this creates. It’s a conflict between the heart and mind – a closed heart and a closed mind. An open heart is not sentimental. An open mind is not constantly calculating. Being open is having an open, spacious atmosphere – or rather beingan open spacious atmosphere.

We become locked into the mundane because of the company we keep. The materialistic world demands that we remain mundane; it fears the supramundane. This oscillation is why we feel constantly uncomfortable and ill at ease.

The supramundane knows everything that needs to be known. It’s our conscience, our intuition, our pure, conscious awareness that we ignore, while we – the supramundane – try to fit into something much smaller and limited, which is the mundane, materialistic world. This is what makes people so crazy and busy. People may seem sentient, but they lack control of their lives because of living to others’ expectations. We all go through this process – until we chose to stand back, look and see. Having seen, we drop it, and stop calculating.

‘Dropping’ means dropping all attachments. This is tough because we have invested all our time and energy into being ‘us’, maintaining a self image in order to become a mundane part of a mundane world.

Supramundane is free the moment that it recognises the mundane: free in the moment of seeing. Seeing and then dropping. Now, our mundane life can loosen up, freeing our fixations and loosening our karmic load (karma is just a Sanskrit word for the results of previous actions that are fixations in our minds).

We still have to live through our karmic load but, with awareness, this gradually simplifies. Enlightenment is the extinction of karma, when ideas and emotions no longer control us.

Mind and heart have to work together, as we are both mundane and supramundane beings embodied in a mundane world … for now! Nothing mundane lasts as everything is material and therefore subject to deterioration. The supramundane lasts precisely because it is immaterial, not relating to matter.

We only have to take the time to look and see, and then, reflect and see. The fact that everyone around us is materially-inclined doesn’t mean we have to consent to follow them.

Value good company: good company helps us to remember pure consciousness … our heart’s desire. Our supramundane-ness 😀

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