Beginners’ Buddhism and Advanced Buddhism

These are the same teaching, and you don’t have to be Buddhist to realise these teachings: the Buddha wasn’t! It is obvious that the Buddha must have been aware of the Vedic tradition, which expressed the same essence.

Buddhism – especially Tibetan Buddhism – can sound extremely complicated, but it all comes down to just being aware or conscious. We can all do that!

The special aspect of this teaching is that, when we look into awareness or consciousness, we find nothing but awareness or consciousness. That is why it is called ’empty’ or ‘pure’,and we realise that, in fact, this is what we are: pure consciousness.

Pure consciousness is our primordial reality. Everything else is impermanent.

The only difference between a beginner and an advanced practitioner is that the advanced practitioner may rest in pure consciousness longer, whereas a beginner stays in distraction longer. Those of us in the middle sway both ways! 😀

It’s not about what is seen: it’s about that which is seeing what is seen. This happens simultaneously, and it is the meaning of the unity of the two truths of relative and ultimate truth. By virtue of one, the other is known. The point is not to get too obsessed by either.

Our physical life is full of woes, but we can start to see through these woes, and their causes. We have merely consented to demonic activity, all based around an illusory ‘I’.

To see is to know. “Free in the moment of seeing!” This is why distracting demonic activity needs to create woes 24 hours a day in order to ensure that we do not wake up.

Practitioners are more vulnerable to attack.
Our protection is to remember.

Demonic forces require our consent.
Once they see that we do not give our consent, they move on.

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