The Essence of Realisation

The essence of realisation can see through the fog
of all religions and spiritual traditions.

The primordial and over-riding spiritual teaching is,
“To see, is to know”.
Being simultaneous, this is non-duality.
Free in the moment of seeing.

Consciousness, looking at consciousness,
finds nothing but consciousness.
That is self realisation!

“Atman is Brahma”.

“I and my Father are one”.

“The unity of relative and ultimate truth”.

There can only be one truth and that is
the pure knowingness of pure consciousness.
Anything else just creates division, mystery and confusion.

It is step by step logic, without mystery.
The creation of any mystery is misleading.

When ordinary consciousness sees,
it then knows its own true nature.

Where does salvation lie?
In the teacher or in the teaching?
The teacher merely tells you the truth.
Experiencing the teaching is the realisation.

If you fail to achieve your goal,
change your strategy, not the goal”

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