How Is Atman, Brahma?
How am I and my Father one?
How are emotions and wisdom the same?

It’s quite logical.
It’s all to do with upgrading consciousness.

All creatures have consciousness; they are aware. When this ordinary consciousness develops a conscience, that inner voice of knowing – consciousness – becomes something extraordinary; atman.

This very moment of recognising atman is brahma.

Brahma, The Father, God, Rigpa, Pure Consciousness is our highest part. Ordinary consciousness is free in the moment of seeing that we are it whom we seek. Call it what you want. Without consciousness, we wouldn’t know anything. Once we realise pure consciousness – which is consciousness realising its true nature – everything is known! This is because pure consciousness is the only reality: everything else in the universe is impermanent matter and ideas created by causes and conditions.

This ‘I’, this personal consciousness, this me, is a conjured-up image that we (ordinary consciousness) latch onto for safety and reassurance, because it fits in with what others believe. However, we will always feel insecure because this image has no reality.

Pure consciousness is empty awareness. There are two aspects to our reality: it is aware, and also empty of the pollution of fixated, negative emotions such as desire, dislike, fear, hatred, jealousy, pride and indifference.

Empty awareness and pure consciousness are a oneness. If one aspect is ignored, consciousness falls into an extreme of confusion. If we just remain in emptiness, we become nihilistic and life feels meaningless. If we just remain in awareness (or consciousness) everything feels real and threatening; we take ourselves seriously, and are subject to tantrums.

Ultimate truth is pure consciousness that either rests within itself, or ‘relates’ to external events (which includes all our thoughts and others’ thoughts!) This relative self is a hypothetical ‘me’, a notion, an assumption. We are free in the moment of seeing this hypothetical me, and we become our higher part.

It is through meditation that we discover what we are. Then we drop the meditation to bewhat we are. Meditation is merely a tool, a vehicle, a boat to get us to our higher shore. Once we arrive, we no longer need the boat. If we keep ‘meditating’, we become attached to the oars poking God, Brahma, Rigpa, pure consciousness and missing the whole point.

Spiritual practices can become mechanical, and we end up playing with ourselves! šŸ˜€

Ultimate reality is the simplest reality. We deal with anything that comes along with the same wisdom. When we see an emotion arising, we are free! Whatever occurs is our teacher, merely reminding us of what we are.

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