The Promised Land

The ‘promised land’ has always been our highest state of consciousness, which is pure, empty, uncontaminated awareness. Until we truly realise and value this pure consciousness, nothing will ever make sense.

When we look at the teachings of Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Christ – any genuine spiritual teacher who realises the essence of reality – they are all saying the very same thing; the oneness of being free in the moment of seeing. Pure consciousness being aware. That’s it. We cannot be what we see, so, in that moment of recognition that we are free of whatever arises in the mind, realisation takes place. This is soimportant to understand; the moment we see that we are deceived, we are free. No?

That freedom isthe promised land, the Buddha realm, Heaven, perfect peace of mind. It has never been something ‘out there’, ‘up there’ or ‘down there’. Its very essence has always been the pure nature of mind.

When we understanding this simplicity, then we can stop looking for something else, something more, something better. Life is too short to keep doubting. We have been diverted into separateness, divided into partiality, wound up and conquered by demonic forces that do not want us to be free.

We just have to see this for ourselves.

Even religions have an addictive quality to their formulae and rituals, and we just go round in circles. Being free in the moment of seeing can be realised in the toilet! We only have to value that we are free now- the promised land is in the moment now. But we insist on holding on to our prison of material and mental addictions, keeping up with the other inmates. Pure consciousness – the promised land – is the destroyer of all the enemies that obscure that promised land.

Ultimate truth didn’t start at a point in time. Ultimate truth is before the earth was formed. In each era, a spiritual teacher arises to refresh those teachings. Each teacher has a certain emphasis with which some connect, while others do not. And still others pervert …

It might seem more difficult to focus in this modern, technological age, where we are so distracted that we cannot even think straight. Chaos abounds. Every day, humanity is being squeezed and limited. This is merely demonic selfishness by the obsessive few to control the many.

The marvellous point is that, because it is so bad, it is so obvious. Our attention has been turned aside at every moment to look for the promised land in the physical realm of power and wealth. It’s getting sillier by the day!

We have been deceived from two directions: the first is being made to believe that there is one external God, and the second is the arising of a hierarchy of so-called mystics who use the inner knowledge to appear as intercessors to the promised land. As an example; the famous 19th century mystic and founder of Theosophy, Madame Blavatsky, took advantage of the world’s nearly-total ignorance of this inner knowledge to convince the gullible that she had acquired her ‘mystical knowledge’ from ‘otherworldly’ sources.

We just have to stop looking for esoteric wisdom, and just be it.

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