The Reality and The Merry-Go-Round

We desire to be enlightened, and/or we are averse to suffering. These two emotions – desire and aversion – derive from ignorance; ignorance of our true reality, which is pure consciousness, pure being. These emotions are also the two inspirations that motivate our investigation into spiritual awareness: this may sound contradictory, as desire and aversion are both negative emotions that cloud our understanding, but as we are embodied in a dualistic form and environment, we use the tools at our disposal.

The reality

We have never been separate from the ultimate state of pure consciousness, and so it’s amazing that we insist on searching elsewhere. Why? The answer is that we have been too busy on the merry-go-round, going around in circles, oblivious to the fact that it’s not so merry.

The not-so-merry-go-round

It is only when we meet the rawness of life that we want to change, and start to wake up because it’s so uncomfortable that we cannot bear it any longer. There are plenty of traditions that apply the soft approach, promoting loving kindness. Well, they say they promote loving kindness for all, but it is often partial towards that group: loving kindness is a good thing, but if the essence of pure consciousness within that isn’t realised, then these are just words. The soft approach can cover up a ‘multitude of sins’ – the rawness – as do antidotes, while the underlying suffering still leaves an odour.

What we are dealing with is Samsara, which the Sanskrit word for the vicious cycle of existence, where we look for happiness which turns out to be conditional happiness as it relies on the ‘right’ conditions. If the right conditions are unavailable, we become unhappy and are thus constantly going up and down. Samsara is the not-so-merry-go-round: it is the huge deception and distraction that never seems to end, as we believe these illusions that distract us to be real.

The proposal

As long as we look for satisfaction elsewhere – which is anything that the collective deems to be its idol and ideology – we will never get off the ‘merry go round’. When we see what we are doing, we automatically step off.

We are divided by whatever idol we worship. When we see, we are free.

The delusion
Decorating the merry go round.






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