Humanity’s Mental Health
A war on humanity

Good mental health is the number one priority for humanity: with this we can cope with anything.

But when we look around, we see that our minds are constantly being bombarded to create reaction. It make one wonder who is doing it. Ever seen this?

Esoteric                   Exoteric

Knowledge is neutral: there is the esoteric knowledge for the few, and the exoteric knowledge for the many. The knowledge of the few can control what the many are allowed to know. The cap stone illustrated on the dollar bill will always remain separate from the rest.

From a spiritual viewpoint, the good news is that those who think that they are on the esoteric side are, in fact, on the exoteric side because there are deeper levels of understanding the same knowledge. They still have not realised the true nature of the esoteric, which is pure consciousness. This knowledge has to be practised in order to be seen, rather than theorised about. Pure being or pure consciousness is beyond all dictums.

The knowledge
All sentient beings are subject to three failings: ignorance, desire, and aversion. This being so, we become easily addicted, and can thereby be controlled. In Buddhism, these failings are known as the three poisons – but that is only at the lower levels of Buddhism. At the highest levels, these very poisons are wisdoms: they are the medicine that heals!

The wisdom
When we realise our true nature – which is pure consciousness, empty of any contamination – then whatever arises within that emptiness is immediately and clearly seen. These negative poisons are now our aid! We never need to fear the emotions again as we cannot be controlled either by them or by anyone else.

Good mental health is a clear mind.
Sounds radical? Just look around.
We are free in the moment of seeing!

Simple meditation sees.
Good mental health loves unconditionally.

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  1. tony says:

    The media winds people up every day.
    We merely have to read between the lines and ask…
    … `’Why did they write or present this today?”

  2. marcel says:

    the call to awaking is harsh…

    knowing that we can eat a juicy steak at the same time…

    but is there really any other choice, when the call comes..?

  3. marcel says:

    “harsh”: adj. harsh·er, harsh·est
    1. Disagreeable to one of the senses
    2. Unpleasant, uncomfortable, or hostile to survival: a harsh wilderness; a harsh winter.
    3. Severe, cruel, or exacting: harsh punishment; a harsh overseer.
    4. Disagreeable to the mind or feelings: harsh words.
    5. Expressing displeasure or disapproval: gave me a harsh look.

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