Our Mental Heath

Life is all about good mental health.
With a healthy, peaceful mind,
we can cope with anything.

How do we get started on our quest? First, we need a question.

When we’re young, we are attacked by trauma after trauma, with hormones exploding all over the place. It’s always been thus. We get angry, depressed, frustrated, doubtful, lonely and impatient, and find that no one can listen to us, and we annoy everyone. This … is normal! 😀

We have a good heart that loves, but cannot express itself for fear of rejection. This … is normal! 😀

Why isn’t anyone listening? Because everyone has gone through exactly the same experience, and became too busy to listen any more. This … is normal! 😀

So, what is that question? That question is: “What’s it all about?”

What is it all about? This is the same question that we all ask – and then many of us forget all about it. Some of us, however, continue to ask that very same question: “What is it really all about?”

First, we need to calm down a little, so that we can have a healthy mind-space to clearly see what is bugging us. There’s no point in just following others, as they may be totally lost as well :D. The more we ask a question in our own mind, the more we will attract possibilities. Many have no question, and so have fewer possibilities.

We all want a happy life; we want to know that life has been fruitful and not a waste of time. This is not to condemn others’ choices as, at the back of everyone’s mind is still the question, “What’s it all about?” We merely delay the inner answers by entertaining ourselves.

Our own mind holds all the keys to satisfaction. Once we ask a question, this leads to other questions and so we learn sequentially, as we are all individuals with one thing in common – consciousness. Conscious awareness tells us everything we need to know. It does not giveus the answer; it isthe answer! This … is normal! 😀

Consciousness is the go-between.
It is consciousness that perceives the constant changes
that come our way.
And consciousness can be conscious
of our constant inner reality.
That which never changes.

When we realise this consciousness, it intelligently applies wisdom and skill to everything we do and say. We might still be sad at the world, but that very sadness is, in fact, love. Even though we may find like-minded people, our mental health is down to us, and our own self-discovery.

Sadness in love is normal.
Love is our ultimate responsibility.
Love is that great.

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