The Truth Is Nothing New

The truth is as old as the infinite universe, in any dimension.
What is this truth that is as old as the infinite universe, in any dimension?
It is that which perceives this infinite universe, in any dimension.
What else can it be?

Well? Well? Well? What is it?

That which just perceives is pure consciousness.
What else can the truth be?

When we look for the truth
– the ultimate truth –
we discover that it is us.
We are what we seek.
What else can it be?

Whatever we see is merely our teacher,
for without seeing – pure consciousness – nothing could be known.

We are the omicron – little O – and the omega – the great O!
It’s that simple.

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  1. Ramanand the Wanderer says:

    Of course.

  2. marcel says:

    Hello Tony,

    you, me, everything, .. From this interpretation of pure consciousness, it’s quite easy to draw a parallel with the ancient mystical and alchemical tradition(s).

    Take for example, the old alchemist notion of prima materia, which may be anything and may become anything. Mylius described prima materia as the elementium primordiale, the “pure subject and unity of forms.” Prima materia is further described in the Rosarium as the “root of itself.” Therefore, because it roots in itself it is autonomous and dependent on nothing. Paracelsus, in his Philosophia ad Atheninses, declared this unique materia a secret having absolutely nothing to do with the elements. It fills the entire regio aetherea, and is the mother of the elements and every created thing. The English alchemist Sir George Ripley (c. 1415-1490) wrote, “The philosophers tell the inquirer that the birds bring us the lipas, every man has it, it is in every place, in you, in me, in everything, in time and space… From it springs our eternal water [aqua permanens].”

    Another interesting parallel is with the ancient school of pythagoras..

  3. tony says:

    When faced with the reality of truth, which is our own pure consciousness, we realise that we knew that along! Genuine spiritual teachings are telling us what we already know, but were unaware of it.

    Know awareness, no confusion.
    No awareness, know confusion.

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