Everyone and Everything is Our Teacher
And this is how life becomes worthwhile and delightful!

This not about having a worthwhile and delightful life in the physical material world. It is about being able to see and recognise that pure state within, which is aware, intelligent and wise. It is the source of all that lives. It is our very own reality that we mistake as just being perception when, in fact, it is our primary essential nature. Call it spirit, consciousness, God, universal truth, or the real ‘me’ rather than the projected programme – the graven image – we inherited from collective human behaviour. We can break out of human, assumed limitations …

“I don’t know”.
If you say, “I don’t know?”,

This is about the moment we see. “Eureka!” “Thank goodness!” “I knew that all along!” “What a relief!” “Why didn’t I see that before?” You know that feeling …

Confidence destroys doubt. The physical teacher and the scriptural teacher are there to help us realise the inner teacher – and theteacher of all phenomena. To quote the Buddha, “Do not take my word for it; test it for yourself.”

How does this work?
Whenever we encounter another person or some thing, alertness arises, doesn’t it? In that first moment, we know we are alive. That is pure, conscious awareness. The essence of this conscious awareness is emptiness. Emptiness is pure, being uncontaminated by poisonous or polluting  concepts, our stock of biased ideas. In the moment of clear seeing is pure consciousness. This is our original state, our pure being. It is here all the time, so it is timeless. It is what we have always been looking for!

We are that knowingness, awareness, consciousness in the pure emptiness of the moment now.

However, that moment now becomes clouded because of the habitual pattern of feelings, thoughts, emotions and reactions, and so we forget that first moment. We enter a dream-state of circling thoughts, and so go into our routine; we tense up and twitch. This is because we haven’t recognised the serenity of the inner teacher, and so don’t recognise the teacher of all phenomena because we were too busy reacting to outer phenomena.

The inner teacher is the clarity of pure awareness. When this is established, acknowledged and realised, then any distraction in the outer world becomes a reminder – our teacher – of this clarity of pure awareness. We see our reactions for the first time. There is absolutely no reason to feel guilty about our feelings, thoughts and emotions: these are part of being human. But now we acknowledge them. We are free in the moment of seeing! “Eureka!”

Now, even our so-called enemy is our best teacher! We ‘see’ our strongest reactions! Take pride: this is the wisdom of equality where, even though we may think we are superior to others, they, at some time, will realise what we realise. Jealous is seeing a quality in others that we recognise: that recognition means that we have that same quality within us. Anger is mirror-like wisdom, where the mind brightens at that moment. Desire is discriminating wisdom. Ignorance is not knowing that we know – and this brings us back to …

“I don’t know”.
If you say, “I don’t know?”,

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  1. tony says:

    The wisdom of discernment – the negative aspect of which is desire – is precision.

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