We Became Bewildered …
and lost track of ourselves,
our true nature.

We are extremely subtle, pure consciousness that became bewildered about itself and so we downgraded into gross consciousness. This is how sentient beings take on a form to match their clinging to ideas.

Even if we do not see the relevance of reincarnation, the effect of this clinging is happening at every moment. Look at how we dress ourselves, how we think of ourselves, what we call ourselves, what we surround ourselves with, what type of work we do, our interests, what draws our attention … all this builds the picture of that which we call ‘me’. And it’s quite gross, when we are, first and foremost, extremely subtle, pure consciousness. Can we deny that?

We became bewildered and forgot this. We are – distracted, and so forget what we are. To ordinary humans, this must sound ludicrous, but to a spiritual practitioner, this is sanity as it indicates how far we have become removed from our true nature.

The good news is that when we recognise that we have forgotten what we are, we have remembered! Most have forgotten … and remain forgetful – but they will all awaken in their own good time. The interesting thing is that, in this dark period of humanity’s history, people are awakening to the extreme greed of those who are killing the Earth and humanity (they think there are too many of us).

There is enough for all,
but not when some want it all.
Because of desire, we create excess.
In simplicity, we have abundance.

First, we have to realise how powerful we are. If we are indeed extremely subtle, pure consciousness, then what is more powerful than that? We are not bewildered creatures who have to be led by others; we are supreme, enlightened beings. In Buddhism, it is suggested that we are wisdom-beings with light bodies in the formless-realm, but through bewilderment, we downgraded our status into the form-realm due to desire. Are we not governed by desire, and its opposite, dislike/indifference?

Realising this, we are no longer bewildered. We never were bewildered – we only believe that we are bewildered. Now the healing can start. That healing comes about when we no longer just react, scratching habitually at our wounds. We no longer collect more karma, more bias, more programming, more prewritten scripts. Enlightenment occurs when all bias is dissolved.

Recognising that we are bewildered and biased
is the path to enlightenment!
Our spiritual path is to recognise and uncover our own confusion.

Have a carefree day!

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  1. tony says:

    The more we remember what we are,
    the less we forget!

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