Finding The Buddha In The Mud
Part 1

Before we start a journey,
we have to know where we are going,
and why we’re going there.

This is especially true with our spiritual journey – the journey within consciousness ā€“ otherwise we could spend a precious lifetime in speculation, belief and elaborate rituals.

The mud is our confusion which is obscuring the clarity of consciousness; our spiritual path is therefore clearing away our own confusions and fixations.

In reality, our confusion never existed and so, our path doesn’t exist. We are what we have been looking for, from beginningless time; there is no journey.

There is a seeming path,
and a seeming me that seemingly traverses the seeming path
to seeming enlightenment.

In the idea of a path, there is a suggestion of an end to that path.
In reality, the end is merely an end to confusion
and thus, an end to suffering.

Pure consciousness has always been within the mud.
We have been at the end from the beginning!
We have never been without Buddha nature, which is pure consciousness.

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