Finding The Buddha In The Mud
Part 2

The uniqueness of Dzogchen (the Tibetan word for pure awareness/pure consciousness) is the realisation of the goal without a journey. It’s not the only system: there is a plethora of spiritual traditions out there. Some get to the point directly, while others are vague and mysterious, and rely on the teacher’s favour.

Dzogchen tells us directly what the teacher is – the clarity of consciousness reflected in all phenomena. It is easy to see a speck within the clarity of emptiness. The seeing and the phenomena (the speck) are simultaneous. We are free in the moment of seeing. The speck and the clarity are a unity. Thoughts are emptiness. Emotions are wisdoms.

There two truths; the relative truth and the ultimate truth are inseparable. The seemingly real and the real are one, like a mirror and its reflection. Pure consciousness is aware of something arising within it. This is the point of division, where either wisdom or ignorance arise, and thus the secret life of the emotions is revealed.

On the path of the seemingly real, emotions imprison us.
On the path of the real, emotions liberate us.
It’s all in the first instant of seeing.
That seeing is Buddha nature, which is pure consciousness.

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