Lack Certainty, Lack Impact

If we lack certainty about what we understand, we will lack the impact needed to achieve and realise our objective. Uncertainty leads to a lack of inner peace. Of course, certainty has many levels so, conventionally, we cannot say, “This is it!” but a firm stepping stone of certainty gives us a strong foundation for the next step. We need certainty to ‘boldly go’, to complete our efforts; then we can be ready for the next stage in our lives.

From the ultimate level, there is only one certainty,
and that is that we are pure consciousness,
embroiled and confused in a human form.

We need certainty in our uncertainty in order to jump off our present step, and into emptiness. It is ego fixation – an ‘I’ fixation – that holds us back from jumping: the Greek word for ‘I’ is ‘ego’.

If we cover up our uncertainty with bravado*, we merely obscure the feeling of weakness that we believe we must protect, and so we remain a projection, a mouth piece, instead of an expression of pure consciousness.

For years I wondered about the demonic forces in the world. How do they work?

The feeling of weakness creates a need to appear strong, to show bravado. Being ignorant of their true nature, beings are governed by the samsaric principles of desire and aversion, and they use these principles to ensnare others. Evil is Dharma in reverse.

Of course, this evil has a huge impact in the conventional world, but it is self defeating because the instigators will never find inner peace. They spend their whole lives calculating and propping up the lack of certainty that they have about their true reality.

There are three basic principles of the entire universe: the universal DNA. These principles – desire (attraction) aversion (repulsion) and ignorance (inertia) – are the demonic forces that control all sentient beings. To the enlightened, however, they are wisdoms.

What a crazy world we live in!
Gain certainty by turning everything on its head.
You are what you seek.

*Bravado: a bold manner or a show of boldness intended to impress or intimidate.

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