The Lamp That Dispels Darkness

Dispelling Spells
Dispel: to make disappear
Spell: a state of enchantment

This is a synopsis of the precious teaching,“The Lamp That Dispels Darkness”, write in 1906 by Mipham Rinpoche. This teaching is for those who do not wish to exert themselves 😀 All that needs to be remembered is not to forget.

The lamp is the light of wisdom of emptiness that dispels the darkness obscuring the realisation of the light of wisdom. Before we can realise the nature of this light, we have to recognise what darkness is.

The enchanted darkness we all experience is our mind being engaged or vacant, and thus enchanted. We are usually in a state of vacancy – like a cow staring into space – as we are not aware of awareness.

Being aware of awareness is the lamp of potentialwisdom: it isn’t lit yet because we are still living in a duality. ‘I’ am ‘aware’. It is when this ‘I’ looks into that which is aware that we find nothing but awareness. All reasoning drops away. It is empty of speculations and beyond description. The very moment that emptiness is realised, that is the light. That is the clarity in the darkness. That is the life essence of what we are – empty clarity beyond description. The mind is neither engaged nor vacant; there is just empty awareness.

There is nothing to do but recognise and realise this fact, beyond belief. That isn’t any hardship, is it?

Whether our situation is smooth or rough, empty clarity is always present. This is the most profound secret that is no longer a secret. If this is the ultimate teaching, what on earth is going on all around us? The answer is obvious: people are unaware of the nature of awareness.

It is indifference that has obscured the light of wisdom. It is the recognition of the darkness of indifference that dispels the darkness. All the town yogi has to do now is remember, and not be distracted by the illusions of enchanted spells.

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